How do I enable Approval flow to Create or edit OKRs?

Category: OKRs provides an option to enable the approval flow for creating/editing OKRs.

Why this feature?

  • The approval process provides an opportunity for managers to review and evaluate proposed OKRs and to suggest modifications or improvements.
  • provides an option to restrict the OKR creation/editing of the OKRs by the employees. Only the selected members can give the approval to edit or create OKRs.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings→ OKR→ Authoring from the left navigation panel.

In the Controls page, under the Approval Flows section enable the Enable Approvals for Create/Edit the Individual, Department, and Team OKRs toggle which you want. 

In the Custom List of Employees, section add the names of the employees to whom you want the key results to get approval. 

Note: The approval can be given only by any one of the selected names and the superuser.

Step 2

While creating an Individual OKR  the user will be getting the option Send for Approval.

Tom Holland has created an OKR, you can see the Pending approval alert on the view page, also the check-in slider will be in yellow. So Tom Holland can check-in only after the approval.

Step 3

The user who needs approval can also send a Reminder message to the approvers who have the authority to approve the OKRs. 

You can send the Reminder message by navigating to OKR → OKRs Pending Approval from the left navigation panel.

In the OKRs Pending Approval page, you can view the Sent and Received Approval messages.

When you hover over the Objective, you can find the Send Reminder icon.

Click on Send Reminder and you will find a message pop-up in which you can edit the Reminder Message and click Send.

Note: The Reminder message will be sent as an Email and also will be notified in the Action Center notification.

Step 4

On the Approvers account in the Action Center, you can see the notification.

If the Approver clicks on Accept, the OKR will be approved, 

The user can also approve by navigating to OKRs → OKRs Pending Approval from the left menu and can approve the OKRs.

Note: Also the user can bulk approve the OKRs from the OKRs Pending Approval menu.

The key result can be checked-in as usual or the changes that are made using the edit option will be reflected in the Objective.

Step 5

If the approver clicks Request Change.

The approver has to provide a comment i.e the reason for making changes in the OKR.

The user will be getting the status Revisions Requested with the reason.

After making the changes the user can send again the OKR for approval having the status Pending Approval.

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