How do I view the list of contributors to any department's objectives?

Category: OKRs allows you to view all the key results and show who owns those key results for every department. You can see the owner of the Key Results for each department through its list page.

At the department level, only department head and authorized users can contribute to the OKRs defined for that department. To view the list of authorized users who can create/check-in OKRs, click on the “Authorized Users” icon against the department head name.

Note: Superusers and department heads can add/remove authorized users.

Step 1

Go to OKRs and click on the My Departments’ OKRs/All Departments’ OKRs from the left navigation panel

Step 2

Opens a page in which you can see the Parent/Sub department name in a hierarchy on the left side

Step 3

Clicking on any of the parent/sub-department names, the OKRs of the corresponding departments will be displayed

Step 4

Edit any key result and type the assignee name who is required to contribute. We allow selecting multiple assignees

Step 5

If any of the key results is reassigned to others, the new contributor’s profiles will be displayed in the Assignee section of the list page. On hovering the profile, it will show the contributor’s details

Step 6

For the assignee’s department list view, the assigned objective will be shown under his department and the assignee able to do the check-ins.

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