How do I view the pending check-in reports of employees under My Orgs pending check-ins?

Category: OKRs provides an option to view the pending check-ins of OKRs that have not by your reporting users up to date.

Why this feature?

This feature helps the managers to become aware of the pending OKRs, which in turn helps them to instruct the subordinates to perform timely check-ins.

Step 1

Navigate to OKRs → OKR Program Status from the left menu.

Select My Org Pending Check-ins from the dropdown.

In the “My Org Pending Check-ins” you can view your subordinate's key results that are not checked in.

The reporting manager can also check in the subordinate's key results.

Step 2

You can also view and check in other employees' key results who report to your subordinates.


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