How do you Reflect/Reset OKRs with Sub KRs?

Category: OKRs allows you to reflect on your OKRs to help you check whether you are on the right track and reset for the next quarter.

Why this Feature?

This feature enables you to reflect on the achievement for the current quarter and apply the learnings to reset them for the next quarter.

Step 1

To enable Reflect/Reset navigate to Settings → OKRs → Reflect/Reset and enable the toggle.

Note: Only Super Users can enable the Reflect/Reset option.

Click on the Question Builder.

And set the questions for Reflection.

You can also restrict the employees to do Reflect/Reset for the OKRs in your organization using the Reflect/Reset Timeframe.

Step 2

To Reflect/Reset the key result level with sub-key results navigate to the OKR and click the Parent Key Result.

Step 3

In the Parent Key Result overview page, click on the Reflect/Resets tab.

On the Reflect/Resets page, you will find the selected OKR with the Reflect and Reset button separately on the right side. Click on the Reflect button first.

Step 4

You will be directed to a Reflection Questions page, here you can find a list of questions to reflect upon.

Once you have completed answering all the questions click on the Reflect button.

Step 5

There are four types of resets available for the Key Results with the Sub-Key Results:

  • Extend as is
  • Reset & Continue
  • Add to Backlog
  • Complete & Close

Extend as is

The "Extend as is" an option can be selected if the key result is incomplete but still relevant to the next quarter. The Check-in Frequency can be changed under this option.

Reset & Continue

The "Reset & Continue" option allows you to continue working on the same key result next quarter after resetting the progress alone. You can change the name of the key result here.

Note: The Modify and Continue option will be available only when resetting a Key Result without Sub Key Results

Add to Backlog

If the key result is not relevant for the upcoming quarter or year the "Add to Backlog" option can be selected even if the key result is completed or not completed.

Complete & Close

The "Complete & Close" option allows a key result to be completed and closed for the current quarter and not continue for the next quarter.

Step 6

We will have a key result Reset using the action Reset & Continue as shown below.

Once the Reset is done. It will be displayed in the Reset Overview.

The Parent Key result will reset and present in the list view with the Target Period of the next quarter as shown in the below image.

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