How does allow users to stretch goals beyond 100%?

Category: OKRs allows users’ to stretch goals or progress key results beyond 100%

Why this Feature?

  • "Stretch goals are often assumed to be impossible until a goal becomes possible,” - Andy Grove. 
  • Stretch goals force people to achieve something they never thought possible. 
  • A stretch goal is still a goal, and the best way to meet that goal is by defining the milestones to get there. 

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → OKRs → Authoring from the left navigation panel.

In the Key Results page, enable the toggles under Check-in > 100% for the supported key result types. 

Step 2

Now check in to any of your key results beyond 100% to see how stretch goals work.

Step 3 also allows you to customize the Cap Progress Percentage to a certain %  when you enable the key result to progress >100% on the same page.

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