How to add assigned key results to other objectives?

Category: OKRs provides an option to add the assigned key results in your department to add other relevant objectives.

Why this Feature?

  • When the key results can contribute to the objective that you are already working on, this feature lets you add the assigned key results to the objective by contributing to both objectives parallelly.
  • The Super User will be able to configure in the settings level and can restrict adding the assigned key results to other objectives.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → OKRs → Alignments & Dependencies and enable the toggle Allow user to add assigned key results into their OKR in the Top Down Alignment approach.

Alignments & Dependencies Navigation

Magnus who is the CEO of Atlantis, has created a key result and assigned it to the customer success team to Decrease the churn rate as a key result/subkey result.

Key Result

Mikkel Carlsen who is the head of customer success has created a few Initiatives parallelly and working on has got another key result assigned by his CEO in his department OKRs as shown below.

CS department OKR

Mikkel who is working on his Initiative to Delight Customers feels that the key result which is assigned by Magnus can also contribute to his initiative and he wants to add the assigned key result to that objective.

Step 1

To add the assigned key result, click on the more option in the key result and select the "Add to OKR" option.

Add to OKR

Step 2

Select the Objective to which you want to add the assigned key result and select Add.

Select Objective

The assigned key result will be added to the selected objective, as shown in the below image.

KR added

Note: The progress made on this key result will result in progressing to the added objective as well as the parent objective.

When a user tries to delete or move the objective, a pop will appear asking the user to Detach and Delete or detach and move the key result, as shown in the below image.


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