How to align my team objective to a higher level objective?

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If your team objective contributes results to a higher level objective then you can align the team objective to that higher-level objective.

Step 1:

From the left navigation panel, select OKRs → Sales.

You’ll be redirected to the My Teams’ OKRs: Sales page.

My Team OKRs : Sales

Step 2:

Let's say you have a new team objective - Increase Recurring Revenue and you want to align it with one of your corporate OKR - Grow Revenue.

My Team OKRs

Click on the objective name Increase Recurring Revenue or view iconView.

You’ll be directed to the overview of the OKR.

OKR Overview page

Step 3:

In the detailed view of the OKR, click Align.Click Align

A popup - “Which OKRs do you want to align with?” will pop,

Click on the Corporate OKR tab (Saaszilla Corporation Ltd. OKRs).

  • Find the OKR that you want to sign with - Grow Revenue.
  • Click on the align iconAlign Icon.
  • Click Update.

OKRs Tab

Now, your team OKR - Increase Recurring Revenue is aligned with the Corporate OKR - Grow Revenue.

You can view that in your alignment section of the team OKRs view page.

Team OKR aligned to higher level OKR

Read more about how to create corporate OKRs.

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