How to align my team objective to a higher level objective?

Category: OKRs provides an option to align your team’s objective to a higher level objective from your organizational OKRs.

Why this Feature?

By using this feature, users can align their team objective that contributes results to a higher-level OKR in the organization. This helps to have a cumulative outcome of the OKRs within the organization.

Step 1:

Navigate to OKRs → My Teams’ OKRs from the left navigation panel.

My Team left menu

Step 2:

In my Teams’ OKRs page, select the Team you wish to align your OKRs.

Select the Objective you wish to align and click on the Ellipsisview icon. Select the Align option from the drop-down menu.

For instance, Let’s select Cloud Deployment Team from the right directory panel and align Increase virtual machine OKR to a higher-level objective.

My Team OKR

Step 4:

Select Align this objective under the target objective option from the drop-down menu.

Align target objective

Step 5:

A pop-up page will appear, In Which OKRs do you want to align with page, you can align your objective by clicking on the Align with this OKRsalign-iconicon.

For instance, Let’s select the Devops department from All Departments’ OKRs and align the selected objective with the “Strengthen the release management process” objective.

Which OKRs Alignment pop up tab

Step 6:

Once done, click on Update.

Aligned OKR

Step 7:

Now, your Team's OKR will be aligned with the selected higher level OKR. To view the Alignment, click on the Alignmentsalign-iconicon.

OKR Alignment

A side panel will appear and the selected objectives will be aligned as displayed below.


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