How to change the default check-in frequency for key results?

Category: OKRs comes seeded with a vast number of check-in frequencies that you can select from. You can set the default check-in frequency for the OKRs of your teams and departments according to the work plans. During instances where you want to set a different frequency other than the default frequency, you can change and can add it from the set of predefined check-in frequencies.

Why this feature?

You can have your own set of check-in frequency range instead of just using the default one.

Note: Frequencies are used only to set check-in periods. They do not serve any other purpose.You need superuser access to do this activity.

Step 1:

Login to account.

From the left side navigation panel, select Settings → OKRs → Frequencies.


You will be directed to the Frequencies page.

Frequencies page

Step 2:

Let’s say you have a different group of users and you want them to be able to check in

Monday and Friday.

So, in the Weekly updates section enable the toggles.

  • Every Monday.
  • Every Friday.
Monday and Friday

Next in the Monthly Updates enable,

  • Last day of the month.
  • 15th day.
  • 20th day.

Enable Toggle

Under Days of the month section enable,

  • 1st Monday.

1st Monday

Step 3:

To set default check-in frequency, click Please Choose and select,

  • Weekly Updates.
  • Every Friday.
  • Monthly Updates.
  • Last Day.

Now, when you create a key result, you see the above set default check-in frequencies in the section How often do you want to update status?

check-in frequency

FYI: You can also customize check-in frequency for your key result, to know more click here.

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