How to change the status of an Objective?

Category: OKRs provides an option to change the Status for Objectives.

What is the use of this feature?

  • This feature allows a user to change the status of an objective, overriding the auto-progress of the key results.
  • By updating the status of objectives, you can track progress toward achieving your goals. 
  • This can help you take corrective actions and keep moving forward.

Step 1

On the OKRs List View, click on the Objective or hover your cursor on the Objective, click on the ellipsis icon, and select the View menu.

Navigate to the Status Updates menu and click on the Check-in option.

Note: You can also enable the Sync Status toggle to roll up the status. If you disable it, only progress will get rolled up and the status will not be reflected when you change them.

Step 2

Now change the status of the objective and click Add.


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