How to create team objectives using forms?

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Profit allows you to create team objectives in 3 different ways.

Let’s say, you are a part of the sales team and want to create an OKR for the team with the Using Form option.

Step 1:

Login to your profit account.

From the left navigation, select OKRs → My Teams’ OKRs → Sales.

Navigation OKRs → Team OKRs

You will be directed to My Teams' OKRs: Sales page.

My Team OKRs

Step 2:

In the My Teams’ OKRs: Sales page.

Click on the Create OKR button and select Using Form from the dropdown.

Using Form

You will be directed to Create OKR form.

Create Objective Form

Let’s say you are creating an objective - Increase Recurring Revenue and your target to accomplish it is by Q3-2020.

In the Create OKR form,

  • Enter Increasing Recurring Revenue in the Type your objective field.
  • Click the caret icon in the Target Date and select Q1- 2020 in the calendar widget.
  • Provide more details about your objective in the Additional Context field(optional).
  • To align your objective, click Align next to the .
    • In the popup Which OKRs do you want to align with? click Saaszilla Corporation Ltd OKRs. tab and locate the objective Grow Revenue.
    • Click the Align iconto align your team objective with this objective.

  • Click Update to align.
  • Click Create to complete creating the objective.

Objective in the form

The Objective - Increase Recurring Revenue is created. You can view the created OKR in the Active OKRs list.

Objective Create succesfully

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