How to do bottom-up alignment from Corporate to Department Level OKR?

Category: OKRs allows the users to align the corporate OKRs to the department level.

Why this Feature?

Earlier we couldn't do Bottom-Up alignment with corporate-level OKRs. But now a user can align a Corporate Key Result to a Department Objective.

Step 1:

For instance, let’s align a Corporate key result.


Click on the Key Result navigate to the Alignments Section.


On the Bottom Up Alignments section align the key result to an objective.

Bottom Up Alignments

Step 2:

You’ll be able to see All Departments’ OKRs which you can align.

All Departments’ OKRs

After adding it you can view in Alignment’s View.

Alignment’s View

Note: The icon shows the key result has bottom-up aligned.

profit okr

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