How to link KRs with goals to automate the process in

Category: OKRs provides an option to link your key results to goals to automatically update the progress of your goals in

Why this Feature?

By linking Key Results with goals you can automate progress to your goals via the check-ins that you make in key results, also you can precisely achieve your goal on time with your associated key results.

Note: The sync of progress will happen only from OKRs to goals and not the other way around.

Step 1

Navigate to Performance→ Goals→ My Goals from the left menu.


Step 2

Choose the goal for which you want to link key results and click on the Edit icon.


Step 3

In the edit goal page click on the Associate KR button.


Step 4

Once you click, a list of key results will appear in a pop up menu, select from it.


Step 5

Now the key result will be associated with the particular goal.


Step 6

Now you can see the progress made in the key result is reflected in the goal.


Step 7

So we can view the KRs in the list page with the total associated KRs count and if the user wants to see all the KRs then click on the count icon to view all the associated KRs for the Goal.


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