How to Restrict the visibility of Strategic Data in Create/Edit OKRs based on OKR Category

Category: OKRs allows you to restrict the visibility of the strategic data fields in the create/edit OKR page by selecting the OKR Category as LEGAL MANDATE.

Why this feature?

Earlier, When you choose the OKR Category as Strategic Initiative/Legal Mandate, allows you to create new strategic objectives with required fields like Initiative name, Waves and Milestone, etc. Now when you select the OKR category as "Legal Mandate", the Strategic fields like "Initiative name, waves, Milestone" will not be visible in the "Objective Edit Page".

Step 1:

Navigate to OKRs → All My OKRs in the left navigation panel.


Step 2:

In the All My OKRs page, click on the Create OKR button, you will be shown three options, in that select the Step-by-step guide option.


Step 3:

Now type the name of the objective. And choose the Legal Mandate option in the OKR Category.


Now, the strategic fields like Wave, Initiative Name, and Milestone will not appear in the create OKR Page.


But if the user selects the OKR Category as Strategic Initiatives then the above-mentioned strategic fields will be shown in the Create/Edit panel of the objective.


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