How to search key results with tags in ?

Category: OKRs

You can now search for key results from your OKRs list page in using the Advanced search option with your key result tags.

Step 1

Navigate to the OKRs list page and click on the OKRs icon → OKRs of the Search engine from the universal menu bar.

Note : By default OKRs will be selected.

Step 2

Now click on the Advanced Search icon of the search engine.

Step 3

In the Advance Search page, click on Tags.

Step 4

Now select the tags based on which you want to search the key results. Here the tag Aspirational is selected.

Note : Tags will be highlighted with its respective color code as it appears in your keyresults. Also, you can select more than one tag at a time to search.

Step 5

Once you select the tags, click on the Search button.

Step 6

The key results for which the tag is mentioned as Aspirational will be filtered and listed in the OKR list page.

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