How to search key results with tags in ?

Category: OKRs provides an option to search OKRs using the Advanced Search option from the universal menu bar, where you can search and filter key results with the help of Tags.

Why this feature?

By using this feature, you can search key results in the Advanced search bar using Tags. Tags can either describe your OKRs using words like “Feedback” or “Committed”, or you can categorize them based on the department with words like “Design” and “Content" so that you can search for the objectives based on tags instantly.

Step 1

Select the Search Engine from the universal menu bar.

Note: By default, OKRs will be selected.

Step 2

Click on the Advanced Search icon from the search engine.

Step 3

Insert an attribute to search for a key result with a specific tag and you can Save it. 


You can view the saved search option under the menu  “Saved Search”.

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