How to use the complete and close option during Reflect and Reset?

Category: OKRs allows you to complete and close the OKR during the Reflect/Reset process.

Why this feature?

By the end of every quarter, you can reflect on your past OKRs and can reset it for the next quarter, by doing this either you can complete and close the existing OKR or you can reset it again in

Note: allows you to Reset the completed OKRs too.

Step 1:

For instance, Let’s say a user has created an objective to Build a High-Quality Inbound Lead Pipeline and he has completed it.

end of quarter

At the end of the quarter, the user wants to Reflect/Reset OKR.

Step 1:

On the OKR overview page click the Reflect/Reset option.

Reflect/Reset Option

Step 2:

Click on the Reflect button. A side panel will open with reflect questionaries, once answered click on the Reflect button.

Reflect Questionaries

Step 3:

Now, click the Reset button.

Click on the Next button if you do not want to make any changes to the objective.

Reset OKR

Step 4:

Here you have various options to you for resetting the key results.

Select the Complete & Close option if you want to complete and close the key result and do not want to reset to the next quarter.

Complete & Close

If you want to Extend the KR progress as is to the next quarter click on the Extend as is an option and click on Next.

Extend as is

If you want to Modify the progress on the same key result and continue next quarter, Click Modify & Continue option.

Modify & Continue

If you want to add the key results to the backlog and use it later, Click on the Add to Backlog option.

Finally, Click Reset to reset the OKRs.

Add to Backlog

A new Objective will be created for the next quarter with the only key results which you extended as is.

New Objective

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