Is it possible to sort the initiatives list page?

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Yes, it is possible to sort the initiatives list page. allows you to sort the Initiatives that you created via the Sort By option in the Initiatives overview page.

Why this Feature?

Instead of just looking for initiatives manually, you can sort them based on Initiative no, Initiative Name, Created on, and Modified on Categories. This Sort by option lets you fetch the initiative instantly.

Step 1:

Navigate to Strategy → Initiatives from the left navigation panel.


Step 2:

On the Initiatives page, you will find the Sort By option in the right corner of the page. Click on it, you will be shown a list of categories based on which you can sort.


Next to the Sort by option, you will find the Ascending/Descending option, it allows you to view Initiatives based on descending or ascending order of the initiative number.


Step 3:

Let’s say that David Griffin wants to sort his initiatives based on Initiative Number. Once you select the Initiative Number, The initiatives list page will be sorted based on the numbers of the initiatives in descending order.


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