Is there a way I can see all the notes in one place in profit?

Category: OKRs

Yes, you can see all your notes in one place in With a filter option, you can see the notes you left on others’ OKRs and the notes on your OKRs in one place. While creating OKRs it is vital to record ideas and points as an aid to memory. In order to keep track of progress and to avoid missing details, the Notes section is exclusively implemented to manage all the notes at a single juncture.

With the distinct filter option, you can view your notes on all OKRs and all notes on your OKRs.

1. You can now find the Notes option in the Home menu. If you don’t, you can enable it from Settings → General → Modules → Home.


2. In the Modules page select Home→ Customize.


3. Now enable the toggle for Notes.


4. Once enabled, you can find the Notes option in Home→ Notes. Click on Notes.


5. Now Click on the filter icon, you will be provided with two options, one is My Notes on All OKRs and the other one is All Notes on your OKRs. Clicking either of these will let you get a filtered search of Notes that centers around you.


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