What are all the places I can mention names using @ in Profit.co?

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Profit.co allows users to mention names using @ (at the rate of) symbol.

Why this Feature?

This feature enables users to mention other users by tagging them. This feature makes it easier to notify users to perform an action in a specific location of the application.

To use @ mentions in Notes follow the below steps.

Step 1:

Navigate to All My OKRs page. In All My OKRs page, click on the Notes icon adjacent to your objective.

All My OKR Notes

Step 2:

In the Notes panel, click on the + icon to Add notes, you can use @ symbol to mention users to the notes. Once done, click on Create.

For instance, Let’s add Alice Mills to notes.

Add OKR Notes

The newly created notes with the tagged employee will be displayed as shown below.

OKR Notes

To use @ mentions in Check-in Comments follow the below steps.

Step 1:

Click on the Key Result that you want to check in. A pop up Check in tab will appear.

In the Check-in page, You can mention names by using @ in the Comment section. Once done, click on Update.

For instance, Let’s add a check-in comment and mention Benjamin Hart to Increase the target.

Check in @ mention

The comment will be added to the Check-ins History panel.

History @ mention

To use @ mentions in News Feed follow the below steps.

Step 1:

Navigate to Home→ Newsfeed from the left navigation panel.

Newsfeed Left menu

Step 2:

In the Newsfeed page, click on + icon and use @ mentions to mention users in the Newsfeed.

Add newsfeed

The new mentioned post will be displayed under My Posts on the Newsfeed page.

My post newsfeed

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