What are Templates used for? When and where do I use Templates?

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OKR template is an exclusive feature of Profit.co that allows you to create standard templates for OKRs which will be available for all the employees while creating OKRs.

Why this feature?

OKR template helps you to quickly select and create an OKR that closely matches your objectives. You can either use the key results as it is in the objective or you can edit them according to your goals.

Step 1:

Navigate to All my OKRs → Create OKRs → Step by step guide


Step 2:

You can create your own objectives and key results, or else you can also select from the existing templates to create OKRs.

To create from templates, click Create from Template.


You can select from the list of templates available in the right panel to create the OKRs.


Once you have selected the template for creating OKRs, you can define the target date, visibility, and alignments of the newly created OKRs based on your requirement.

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