What is Team Progress? And how does it work in Profit.co?

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You can now view the progress of all the OKRs of your team members at a single place in Profit.co. Team Progress dashboard gives you a multidimensional view of your team OKRs progress.

Why this Feature?

Team Progress helps you to view the progress of the team members in one place. You can know the status based on the progress of the OKRs of your team members at a place and also you can export the file in .csv format for your reference.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → General → Modules from the left navigation panel.


Note: Only SuperUsers can enable the Team Progress module.

Customize the Home option.


Enable the toggle for Team Progress to appear on the left or top menu.


Step 2

Now the users can navigate to Home → Team Progress from the left navigation panel.


You will find the entire progress of your Team OKRs in the below-mentioned dashboard.

When you mouse hover on the progress bar, you can see the status and the count of OKRs. You can also download the Team progress file via the Export option.


Step 3

You can filter and view the progress including the sub-teams.


You can filter and view the key results separately in the Team Progress.


Also, you can filter the progress by the periods.

If you want to create a new custom filter click on the Filter option and select the + option to add a new filter.


Note: You can also resize the Team Progress and list panel.


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