What is the use of Objective Status Propagation ?

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Profit.co provides a feature called Objective Status Propagation that determines the objective's status based on the key result progress.

Why this feature?

  • This feature allows you to determine the status of the objective based on the key result progress.
  • This feature allows the status and progress of underlying Key Results to automatically influence and update the status of the parent Objective.
  • Also by using this feature the Objective Progress color code will change.
Step 1

Navigate to Settings → OKRs → Authoring from the left navigation panel. On the Authoring page, select the Statuses tab. Under this tab, you can find information about Objective/Parent KR Status Propagation, including Confidence %, Status Name, and Color Code.

You can also add new statuses according to your preferences by clicking the + create status button.

You can Enable/Disable them and can also Edit them according to your preferences.

Step 2

Consider an Objective with three Key results.

The status of the Key Result is given below according to the color codes,

  • 1st Key Result →  In Trouble
  • 2nd Key result →  At Risk
  • 3rd Key result →  On Track

Hence, the Objective status is At Risk depending on the Key Result progress.

Objective status propagation calculation:

Status Definitions and Ranges

  • Not Started: 0% - 10%
  • On Track: 91% - 99%
  • At Risk: 31% - 90%
  • In Trouble: 11% - 30%
  • Completed: 100%

Consider an Objective with three Key results.

The status (%) of the Key Result is given below according to the percentage:

  • KR 1: 8% (In Trouble)
  • KR 2: 33% (At Risk)
  • KR 3: 78% (On Track)

So, let’s decide the status of the objective by looking at the average confidence percentage of the selected key result statuses.

8%+33%+78% / 3 = 39.6%

With a percentage of 40, the objective is categorized as At Risk because it falls within the range of 31% to 90%.

Step 3

If you disable any of the Objective/Parent KR Status Propagation, the Key Result with the disabled status will not be considered for the progress.

Consider disabling the On Track status and if you perform a check-in, the Objective status will be In Trouble by not considering the On Track Key Result’s progress.

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