What is the use of the function Propagate to cascaded OKRs?

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Profit.co provides an alert message before changing the assigned Key Result as an Objective.

Why this Feature?

By agreeing to the warning message you are allowing the changes made, to be reflected to the others. This warning message let's you decide how to proceed further when you plan to change your key result to an objective.

Step 1:

For instance, when you set an OKR, where the Target date of the Objective and Key Result are the same.

Objective and Key Result

The Target date of the Key Result is Q4-2021. If we try to set a custom range target date for the Key Result to change it.

Target date

You’ll be getting a warning message that “Do you want to propagate these changes to the cascaded OKRs?”.

warning message

Note: You will get the warning message when you make any changes on the Key Result like editing the name and Target Date.

Step 2:

If you click on “Yes, propagate to cascaded OKRs” the updated Target Date for the Key Result will be reflected in the assignees account.

Target Date

If you click on “No, just update this key result” the changes will be reflected only for the parent OKR user, and not for the assignee.

Target Date

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