How do I review my subordinates' performance?

Category: Performance

Once the self assessment is completed and submitted by employees, the review process moves into their manager’s queue. The manager will assess their team and submit their review. When employees add peers and request for peer reviews, the manager can add/remove Peer reviewers before they approve.

In this scenario, each employee has to select their peer reviewers before they complete and submit their review. The manager can add/remove peer reviewers and approve the same. Based on the self-assessment and peer reviews, the manager can complete their assessment and submit the final review.

If you are a manager or leading a team, your team members self assessment will further be sent to you for your review.

Step 1

To access and view your team members’ reviews, Click on Performance on the Left navigation panel and select My Org’s Reviews


Step 2

The peer reviewers selected by your team members will be listed here. You can add/remove reviewers and click on Approve button. It will be sent to the selected peers for their review.



Step 3

Click on the Approve button to approve and send it to peers for review. Now it will be sent to them as a feedback request.


Your peer will have this request on Performance -> Feedback Requests -> Pending.

Step 4

Move the performance indicator to rate your subordinate’s competencies and add your comments, if you have any.


Step 5

If you have requested feedback from peer reviewers, you can wait until they submit their reviews or submit them anyway. You can view if they have submitted, rejected, or it's pending feedback.


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