How do I set up Awards?

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With, you can reward your employees for their effective performance in your organization. Employees will get motivated when their efforts are recognized so that they can complete their tasks with diligence.

Why this feature? provides a list of predefined Awards that are commonly used in organizations. With this feature, you can edit the predefined awards or create new awards of your choice.

Note: Setting up Awards in is quite simple. You need to be a super user to do this.

Step 1:

From the left navigation panel select, Settings → CFR → Awards.


You will be directed to the Awards page.

Step 2:

On the Awards page, you will find a list of predefined awards - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum that are used commonly in organizations.

Enable the awards using the enable toggle.


Step 3:

In addition to the predefined Award categories, you can create your own Award categories of your choice.

Click the Create button on the left side of the panel and a form will open where you will be prompted to enter the Award Name and the associated Points. You can also assign an image for your award.

Say, for example, you want to create an award Best Performer of the Quarter.

Enter Award Name - Best Performer of the Quarter.

Enter Points - say 5000.

By clicking on the Browse button, you can assign an image icon for your award.

Click on Save.


Now, the new award category is created and is added to the existing Awards list for users to select.


To edit, click on an existing award, and click on the edit icon.


Enter the Points as 1500 and click on the Save icon.


Now the edited points will be updated as follows,


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