How to sort unread comments and attachments in Task Management?

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In’s Task management software, comments and documents can be added by the reporting person or the task owner to the created tasks, in order to pass information.

Why this Feature?

If we have missed to view the documents and comments in the assigned task we can use the sorting options Unread Comments, Unread Reply Comments and Unread Documents to read the missed comments.

Step 1:

Now the users can sort the tasks based on unread comments and attachments through the Sort By option.

Sort By

The sorting options like Unread Comments, Unread Reply Comments & Unread Documents will be present if we click on the Sort By option.

Step 2:

Newly added comments and attachments will be highlighted with corresponding icons along with the counts in the task card. Consider if a task is created and assigned to another user.

If the owner adds a comment or any attachments in it, then it will be highlighted with a count in the Task card for the assignee.

Similarly, if the assignee adds a comment or attachments, it will be highlighted for the owner.

Also if we mouse hover over the attachment or comments it will show you the total count of the information added.

Note: If any new comment or attachment is added then a red dot will be displayed at the top right corner of the icon and the newly added comments or attachments count will be shown in the tooltip when you mouse hover over it.


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