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“We did get the training sessions included so for that whole implementation process we were very satisfied… the team is great, they’re still very responsive.”Noemi Ortega Implementation Manager, Allied Modular

The OKR methodology can help businesses align their company-wide vision and focus on what matters for their business.’s software helps businesses in all industries develop strong OKRs and keep their company on track to achieve their goals. Part of implementing an OKR program is changing the company culture surrounding accountability and focus.

We recently had the opportunity to discuss the focus and prioritization that OKRs have provided at Allied Modular with the Implementation Manager, Noemi Ortega.

What was the background of OKRs in your company?

Noemi shared that Allied Modular had a longer history with OKRs than most. In 2018, the modular building manufacturer first heard of OKRs and tried to implement them. Noemi shared that the OKR rollout was not as successful as they had hoped within the company. She doesn’t believe that Allied Modular was using an OKR software at the time, and after a few weeks, the motivation for adopting OKRs petered out.

Early in 2020, the company decided that they were ready to give the OKR framework another try. With renewed motivation and commitment to OKRs, Allied Modular began using

What was the drive for OKR Adoption?

Noemi shared that the main driver behind giving the OKR methodology another chance was the company’s need for focus.

Noemi shared that “As far as leadership goes, it was more of trying to get on the same page, [and] setting those organizational goals.” This would help bring the company together and was the main driver behind adopting OKRs. OKRs provide great focus and alignment for teams that utilize them, and Noemi and the team at Allied Modular wanted to see that in their organization.

How was the OKR implementation process at Allied Modular?

Allied Modular first implemented OKRs in the leadership team. They kept it high-level and set the organizational goals and then created the department-level OKRs that aligned with those overall targets.

As of right now, only the leadership team is in the system. Noemi shared that once they feel well-established in both the methodology and the software, they’ll be rolling out to the rest of their company to drive progress on their important goals.

While learning the product, they focused on using the check-ins, reports, and dashboards to stay on top of their OKR progress.

Why did you choose

Noemi and the Allied Modular team decided to take a look at because it was recommended to them. Once they took a look, they liked to see the ease-of-use and the functionality of the product. Noemi shares that “it was very user friendly, it had a lot of functionality– and I know that [Profit] keep[s] getting more functionality as well”.

How was your experience with the team?

Noemi shared that the team was great. “We did get the training sessions included so for that whole implementation process we were very satisfied… the team is great, they’re still very responsive.”

While she hasn’t reached out to the team lately, she recognizes that they are a resource available for her and her team– especially when they decide to roll out OKRs and the platform to the rest of the company. Allied Modular also plans to use’s performance management module in the future. has helped Allied Modular focus and implement their strategic goals within their organization, and keep the team aligned. The OKR framework is a powerful way to drive focus and alignment in your organization– and the OKR management tool can help you optimize your use of this framework.