An objective is recommended to be of the form:

For example:

  • Improve Market Share
  • Reduce Customer Churn
  • Increase Inventory Turn

There are 2 types of Key Results — Measurables and Milestones.

How to write key results for Measurables?

How to write key results for Milestones?

Once you login, you’ll click on the Create button on the My OKRs screen. You will go through the following process to get an OKR setup.

Step 1: Click on the Create button

Step 2: Opens a page with accordion menu with steps. There you can see you managers OKRs for linking.

Step 3: In the next step select any one option to proceed either “Create from template” or “Create manually”.

Step 4: Select any one option that who can see your OKR

Step 5: Pick up the period when do you want accomplish

Step 6: Add your detailed description about your OKR

In My OKRs, access any of your objectives or key results. There is a section called “Updates”

Step 1: Click the […] view detail page icon from the list page.

Step 2: In the view page there will be “Add Status” button in the update history table

Step 3: Here you can update your status and add your comments and click “Add” to update.

Click the “Update Status” button and provide your update. The update itself is very simple.

There are 5 levels of visibility:

  • Public
  • My Management and My Team
  • My Management
  • My Team
  • Personal

To access your team members’ OKRs:

Step 1: Navigate to the “Check” section

Step 2: Click on My Team’s OKRs

You can review all the employees by navigating down using the arrow in the employee box. You can also search for an employee and access their OKRs.

The “Alignment” view shows you how your team’s OKRs are aligned with your OKRs.

When your employees update their OKRs, you can view them in the Updates section.

Step 1: Navigate to the Check section

Step 2: Click on the “Updates” menu.

Access all the metrics impacted by you and your team using the following steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the “Check” section

Step 2: Click on “OKRs By Metrics” menu.

Out of all the OKRs across your team, you may want to stay on top of a few. You can do that by “Watching” them. Once you start watching an OKR, you can access that OKR easily through the Watched OKRs view.

Step 1: Navigate to the “Check” section

Step 2: Click on My Team’s OKRs

Step 3: In the My Teams OKR list page there will be a “Watch” icon in each Objective & Key Result level

Step 4: Click on the icon to start watching your team members OKRs

Once an OKR has been completed, it automatically moves to the Past OKRs section.