Set Great OKRs to Align, Engage & Inspire

OKRs is a time-tested goal setting and execution framework for setting outcome-focused goals implemented and achieved by well aligned, engaged and motivated employees.



Great OKRs enable cascading of objectives or goals throughout the organization.



Great OKRs are a key driver of employee engagement enabling teams to collaborate.



Great OKRs connects employees, engages and inspires them to deliver high performance.

Setting Great OKR is fundamental to the success of any OKR program

OK Examples

So, what is a good OKR?

Grow revenue in America Region

  • Increase Demo Outreach from 0 to 100

    0% 100% 50%

    40 60
  • Increase ARR from $2M to $4M

    $2M $4M $3M
  • Increase Number of Channel Partners From 10 to 50

    10 50 20

OKR Examples for Sales

  • Design your Sales Team’s OKRs to drive performance by focusing on the revenue goals.
  • With successful OKR implementation, your sales productivity will pay off in terms of improvement in product sales targets, Unit economics, profitability and conversion rates.

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Establish a solid Lead Gen Engine

  • Increase Advisory Sites from 1 to 3

    1 3 2
  • Launch LinkedIn Ads

    0 100% 5%

    606060 60
  • Increase the number of Marketplaces from 0 to 5

    0 5 2

OKR Examples for Marketing

  • Design your Marketing Team’s OKRs to provide direction to the team for Improving brand awareness.
  • With successful OKR implementation, the team’s outcomes will lead to generating demand for your service, Providing leads for your sales team and Increasing product visibility.

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Create a world Class Employee Onboarding program>

  • Improve Employee satisfaction after onboarding to 95%

    60% 95% 64%
  • Ensure 90% readiness of employees in 4 weeks

    70% 90% 80%
  • Map 100% of new recruits with mentors

    65% 100% 78%

OKR Examples for HR

  • Design your HR Team’s OKRs to improve performance in all areas related to the management of Human Capital.
  • With successful OKR implementation, Recruitment, Training, Learning, Performance Management and Compliance will improve considerably.

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Increase efficiency of QA process

  • Maintain no more than 1 critical bug reported

    0% 100% 30%

    50 40
  • Conduct a security assessment of codebase using automated tools

    100% 0 50%
  • Reduce target test cycles to 45 min

    60 Min(s) 45 Min(s) 55 Min(s)

OKR Examples for Engineering

  • Personalise your Engineering Team’s OKRs to guide them to design and develop competitive products will exceed customer requirements.
  • With successful OKR implementation, products are delivered on-time and the team scales up efficiently to offer great performance.

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Delight Customers

  • Generate $2M expansion revenue

    0 $2M $1M

    40 60
  • Decrease churn rate from 15% to 5%

    15% 5% 10%
  • Increase NPS from 6.0 to 9.0

    6.0 9.0 6.7

OKR Examples for Customer Success

  • Design your team-level OKRs to ensure customers receive the expected value from your product or service.
  • With successful OKR implementation, the team’s outcomes will be delighted customers, reduced churn, expanded revenue and increased referrals.

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Enhance security across the enterprise

  • Reduce MTTD (Mean Time to Detect) to 2 Minutes

    6 Min(s) 2 Min(s) 4 Min(s)
  • Reduce MTTC (Mean Time to Contain) to 5 Minutes

    10 Min(s) 5 Min(s) 9 Min(s)
  • Reduce MTTR (Mean Time to Resolve) to 30 Minutes

    50 Min(s) 30 Min(s) 36 Min(s)

OKR examples for IT

  • Design your IT Team’s OKRs to improve your company’s IT infrastructure meeting the demands of internal and external customers in a cost-effective manner.
  • With successful OKR implementation, your IT team’s performance, availability, reliability , scalability will all scale up.

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Deliver Amazing Customer Support

  • Increase customer satisfaction score from 7.0 to 9.0

    7.0 9.0 8.0
  • Decrease average resolution time from 44 to 24 hours

    44 24 38
  • Achieve a minimum first contact resolution rate of 40%

    20%60% 38%

OKR Examples for Customer Support

  • Define your Team-level OKRs to improve the effectiveness of your support capabilities and to resolve customer queries efficiently.
  • With successful OKR implementation, the team’s outcomes will lead to an improved reputation of your company with increased customer satisfaction and strong customer relationship.

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Achieve Operational Excellence in the Procurement function

  • Maintain a 95% service level for normal stock items

    0% 100% 95%
  • Maintain a 100% service level for Critical major consumables

    0% 100% 87%
  • Procure at least 90% of the items in every category within the target price range

    0% 100% 90%

    40 4040

OKR Examples for Procurement

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OKR Examples for Supply Chain

  • Personalise your Team’s OKRs to elevate your company’s delivery capabilities to give it that competitive edge.
  • With successful OKR implementation, the team’s outcomes will lead to a product delivery to customers – within the expected time, in the right quantity, at an acceptable delivery cost and also in a sustainable manner.

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