Tired of frustrating goal-setting processes that lack clarity and accountability?

Discover how WFG National Title overcame these challenges with Profit.co. Justin Tucker, Executive Vice President, Director of Strategic Initiatives, WFG National Title will share his experience transitioning from traditional goal setting to a data-driven OKR (Objectives and Key Results) approach powered by Profit.co.

Explore real-world examples of how WFG utilizes Profit.co to:

  • Set clear objectives aligned with their overall vision.
  • Develop measurable key results that track progress toward goals.
  • Foster transparency and accountability across teams.
  • Make data-driven decisions for continuous improvement.

See firsthand how Profit.co empowered WFG to move from unfocused goals to a culture of clarity, focus, and consistent achievement.


Justin Tucker

Justin Tucker

Executive VP,
Director of Strategic Initiatives,
WFG National Title

Senthil Rajagopalan

Senthil Rajagopalan

Chief Operating Officer,

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