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Plan your OKR

Step-by-step method to create OKRs

Creating good OKRs is fundamental to the success of any OKR program. Until it becomes second nature, this visual guide can be a great tool to help you create good OKRs.

Inbuilt OKR Templates

When you are new to OKRs, these templates help you with training and also provide a starting point for your unique situations.

OKR levels

Setting up OKRs at the appropriate context is key for clarity and transparency. These levels help define and communicate what are you focusing on at the company level and what is being done at the subsequent levels.

Key Result Types

While its important to measure what matters, its equally important on how you measure them. Many times initiatives are tracked using a simple progress %. While this may be a good starting point especially for beginners, you need a comprehensive approach to model all your key result types.

KPI Library

300+ inbuilt KPIs help you get started fast. You can also define your own KPIs that are unique to your business.

OKR Alignments & Dependencies

Alignment is a key aspect of OKRs. There are multiple types of alignments — top down, bottom up and dependencies with other teams. While this is a slightly difficult concept to grasp and model accurately, you develop the practice of alignment over time in your business.

Custom OKR fields

Many times, you want to just add a few fields to your objectives, key results and other objectives that are unique to your business.

Approval Workflow

While OKRs encourage “free” thinking and pushing the frontiers, some level of control helps to ensure that your OKRs are of good quality, when you deploy OKRs in a larger scale.

Visibility for OKRs

While OKRs encourage transparency, you do need the ability to control access to your OKRs on occasion. In some businesses, this need is more pronounced.

Set timeframe to create/edit OKRs

To establish proper execution rhythm, you should ensure that your OKRs are created within a certain timeframe and that your teams are not creating OKRs for months. Setting time windows for authoring and enforcing that helps establishing your execution rhythm.

Customize your OKRs list page

Every business has different preferences when it comes to layouts and colors.

Weights for Key Results and Objectives

Assign weights to define importance of your objectives and key results.

Pre-scoring for OKRs

Scoring is an important exercise at the end of OKR cycles. It was a pretty manual process, but can be significantly automated, so that teams can have substantive discussions around achievements and future plans.

OKR Backlog

Ideas keep coming while executing. A scratchpad section allows you to keep track of these ideas and use them as inputs to the planning process when you start your next OKR cycle.
Execute your OKRs


One of the key tenets of a successful OKR program is the discipline shown by your employees with check-ins. “Tracking” is one of OKR payoffs. Check-ins are simple — progress value, confidence levels and comments.

Automated Reminders & Notifications

Check-in reminders and customizable email notifications. Daily summary email notifications

Alignments View

Complete graphical representation of aligned OKRs from Corporate to Individual level to assess alignment.


Visually track progress, problems and course correct

PowerPoint presentation reports

Download your progress report for the week or quarter with a single button click.
Engage your employees with OKRs

Likes, Comments, @mentions

Encourage collaboration among the ranks in the context of work that is being performed and the results that are being achieved.

Favorite OKRs

Among the myriad of work that happens in the organization, you want to make sure you identify and watch those that are of importance to your work and your planned outcomes.

Meetings and 1:1s

Regular 1-1 meetings help managers and team members to plan their agenda, review work + results and establish a cadence to detect potential roadblocks that can impede progress and course correct.

OKR Reviews (PPP Methodology)

Review your OKRs based on Plan Progress Problems (PPP) methodology. Helps you keep track of OKRs every week rather than getting surprised halfway through the quarter.
Learn with OKRs

Hashtagged conversations

Tagging your conversations allows you to categorize and understand what kinds of problems are faced more frequently vs. the others and identify training needs.

Reflect and Reset for OKRs

Reflect on your OKRs at the end of the quarter based on your experience. You may want to carry forward some OKRs and eliminate some.

Manager + 360° assessments

Traditional performance reviews that start with self assessment and include manager + 360 assessments.

Customizable Question Builder

A flexible tool to build questionnaire to get descriptive and accurate responses from reviewers.

Flexible Competency Mapping

You need different competencies for different levels of employees in the organization, and that are specific to the area or department of their work.

Potential assessment

Spot future stars by explicitly looking at their current capabilities and their ability to develop into senior roles within the organization

Performance scoring

Different organizations have different weights associated with competencies, goals and other aspects of their performance management strategy. So, you need the ability to establish scoring buckets for the different aspects of employee performance to get a comprehensive score.

Performance heatmap

Easily spot your high performers and low performers at a glance

Employee performance 360-degree trend chart

When it comes to identifying your top talent, you look for consistency in performance. These trend charts allow you to see if your employees are performing in a consistent manner.

Customizable 9 Box matrices

Traditional 9 Box matrices allow you to place your employees on a potential vs. actual performance grid. But in today’s business environment, you need to analyze your employees across multiple axes and custom 9 boxes allow you to do that.

Employee Performance Goals

Establish completely private goals, assign different weights to those goals to help employees prepare themselves to do their job.

Connect Career Development to Performance

Identify future stars and implement individual development plans (IDPs) to help them progress in their career. Identify those that are off track in their jobs and implement performance improvements plans (PIPs) to help them get back on track with their jobs.


Create private or public spaces for your teams to track their work

Task boards

Organize your tasks into task boards to simply track tasks by status

Board stages and checklists

Implement a predefined workflow using board stages and ensure quality of work using checklists.

Task Priorities & Due dates

Define and track priorities, and an optional due date to ensure that the right work gets done on time.

Sub Tasks

Break up your major tasks into sub tasks and track progress.

Task-based key results

While many key results are outcome based, many others are output based. Planning and tracking the tasks that achieve a certain key result and automatically tracking key results progress using the completion of tasks makes tracking easier and accurate.

Custom fields for tasks

Model different types of tasks accurately, using additional attribute/information that clearly describes those tasks beyond the basic attributes

Assignment Consent Tracking

Ensure proper acceptance of tasks and track when tasks are bounced off to different people

Task Views

Visualize your tasks using Kanban, List, Calendar and Timeline views

Pulse Surveys

Gauge the pulse of your organization using a flexible survey builder and administer anonymous surveys to your employees. Review results using several built in dashboards or export to your favorite tools.
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Give & Receive Awards for check-ins

Encourage a positive culture by recognizing accomplishments. When your employees are awarded in the context of their accomplishments, the positivity becomes contagious.

Awards Leaderboard

Create a transparent culture where everyone knows who in their teams are making a difference.

Transparent View of all employee Awards

Enable employees access to all the awards that are being given to implement a completely transparent and meritocratic organization


Strategic Directives are broad, high-level areas of focus that drive early discussions.
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Priorities will specify the values by understanding the business goals to focus and achieve business goals.
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Focus Areas

Focus areas helps the management processes to specific mission of the organization. It will help the business success and give the clear direction of the goals so that progress can be measured.
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A Strategic Initiative is to set the right goal to accomplish an organizational objective, strategic initiatives which includes the milestones, milestone with budget and planned start/ end date.
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Initiatives linked with OKRs

Based on the initiative with objective association and by the key results progress made with the budget amount or without budget amount. The user from the department wise we are able to track it from the dashboard.
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End User & Admin user training

Our instructor-led training programs are designed to help you get the most out of your Profit.Co subscription. We provide a range of training programs that cater to diverse roles and responsibilities. Super user training covers the admin functionalities; End user training enables to use the application for the day-day OKR operations

OKR Certification

OKR Coach Certification program helps professionals to gain and develop skills for adopting OKR practice in your organization. The program is best suited for Leadership Teams, Chief of Staffs, Product Managers, Agile Coaches, Scrum Leads and Individual professionals that want to implement and cascade OKR across the organization.

OKR Consulting Services

OKR Consulting Services is a comprehensive service offering that helps the client to master the implementation and execution of the OKR program assisted by a dedicated OKR consultant from Profit.Co. This service shall offer an exclusive 1-on-1 coaching for the department heads and handhold the client to enable them master the OKR adoption.
OKR Coaching

OKR Resources

You’ll need some guidance initially on the OKR concepts as well as product features. We offer videos, user guides, OKR examples and a library of frequently used KPIs to help you.
Mobile Apps

iOS App, Android App

Conduct work on the go using native mobile applications on your favorite device
Desktop Apps

Windows App, Mac App

Conduct work on the go using native desktop applications on your favorite device
TV Apps

Android TV app, Apple TV app

Conduct work on the go using native TV applications on your favorite device
Authentication (SSO)

Google, Microsoft 365, Apple, Azure AD, OKTA, OneLogin, Ping Identity, Google Workspace

Use your standardized and favorite sign in approaches

Slack, MS Teams, Gmail Add-on, Chrome Extension

Get notifications and reminders through your favorite communication channel

Google Sheets, Excel Online, JIRA JQL, Monday.com, Salesforce, Azure Devops, PostgreSQL, Snowflake, Mysql, FAVRO, Tableau, JIRA, Wrike, Hubspot, PowerBI

Harvest information from where work happens to enable automated OKR check-ins


Use thousands of integrations in the Zapier platform to push and pull data

API Access

Rich RESTful APIs to integrate and automate everything within the platform


Profit.co Supports 13+ international languages for the users to easily measure and track their OKRs in their native language.

Users & Role management

Implement role based access control enterprise wide

SSO Service Integrations

Enterprise class SSO integrations to help you implement your access and security policies
Add On

Session Timeout

Customize session validity based on your security policies

Password Policy

Implement password rules based on your security policies

Email Support

Email your queries to support@profit.co and receive prompt responses. We also offer rich self-service customer support through content in our website.

Enhanced support (24X7 Phone & Chat Support)

Reach support 24X7 through the in-app chat function. Your queries will be answered by our knowledgeable support staff. They will try to reproduce the issue, and quickly provide a solution. They will also provide you with specific answer posts and videos to help you get more value from the Profit.co app.

Priority support (24X7)

Priority support requests are considered the highest priority and processed first with a more immediate, hands on approach to solving their unique problems. Priority Support is a global team of Senior Support Engineers and Enterprise Managers committed to delivering higher SLAs, and faster resolutions, for our customer’s critical requests.

Dedicated Customer success manager

Dedicated Customer success managers understand your needs, goals and aspirations and will provide a great onboarding experience. They will be your voice and advocate in profit.co and will coordinate the resources required to elevate your experience and to help you get the most value of Profit.co.

On-premise Deployment

We provide end to end guidance on software & hardware infrastructural setup for your On-premise deployment. . You have complete control over the infrastructural setup. Data stays in your private network. You still get the regular enhancements to the Profit.co platform on your On-premise deployment too!