• What is OKR?

    What is Profit?

  • Link Objectives

    Plan your Objectives

  • Schedule Targets

    Set Visibility of Objectives & Key Results (OKRs)

  • Types of Key Results

    Set Update Frequency

  • Set the Extent of Change for a KPI

    Specify Measurable KPIs

  • Key Result type – Increasing the value of a KPI

    Milestone based Key Results

  • Key Result type – Maintaining the value of a KPI in a range

    Key Result Type – Decreasing the value of a KPI

  • Key Result type – Milestones

    Key Result type – Establishing Baseline

  • Watch Specific OKRs

    Set Updates & Reminders

  • Aligned OKRs

    My Team’s OKRs

  • OKRs by KPI

    Independent OKRs

  • At a Glance

    Profit Score

  • My Team’s Tasks

    My Tasks