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In, you can add new employees, assign them to departments, and establish job titles for them.

Why this feature?

  • This feature allows you to add employees whenever a new member joins the organization.
  • Users can add a role, job title, grade, department name, and reporting manager name for
  • the newly joined employee.
  • This facilitates hassle-free workforce management within the company.

Note: Only Super Users can perform this action.

Step 1:

Navigate to Settings → User Management → Active user from the left navigation panel.

User navigation

Note: Ensure you have a license available prior to adding a user, if not licenses must be purchased.

Step 2:

On the Active Users page, click on the icon to create a new user.

Create user

Step 3:

In the Create User page, fill in the Personal Information of the new employee. Once done, click on Next.

Note: You can disable the auto-generation of User ID by navigating to Settings → User Management → Number Generation.

Personal Information

Step 4:

As a next step, enter the Department Details of the new employee. Once done click on the Next button.

In Profit Access Information you can select the appropriate Role and Proxy User for the employee. Once done, click Create.

Department Details

Note: Profit supports five user roles:

Profit User - has minimal features like creating OKRs at an individual level, check-ins, and creation of tasks, etc.

Profit Manager - has the authority to manage team, and department OKRs with a moderate level of access to features like creating OKRs for departments and reviews, etc.

Profit Super User - has administrator-level access with no restrictions and all the settings privileges.

Profit Read-Only User - has only check-in access to the assigned KRs and tasks.

Profit Task user- has access only to the task module.

Step 5:

The newly added employee will be added to the Active Users dashboard.

New user

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