How do I get Email Notifications for the Key results and Sub-key Results assignments?

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In we can customize email notifications for key results and sub-key results assignments by enabling the OKR Assignment option in the Action Center. 

Why this feature?

  • By allowing users to personalize email notifications for sub-key results assignments, it promotes accountability, helping teams stay on track and meet their OKR targets with greater efficiency and transparency.
  • Customized email notifications enhance engagement by ensuring team members are promptly informed about key result assignments, keeping them focused on achieving objectives.
  • The assignee will get instant notification and view the assigned key results and sub-key results.

How to enable the Notification?

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → General→ Action Center from the left navigation panel. 

Note: Only Super Users can enable the Email notification. 

Under the events named OKR Assigned To You, you will be able to see the notification options enabled with the Color codes.

Step 2

Click on the Edit icon and enable the toggle for Email Notification.

Design the notification message using the Attributes and finally, click Update.

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