How do I get Email Notifications for the events in goals?

Category: Performance

You can now Customize email notifications for goals by enabling the events related to goals and their approvals in So when the users request approval, an email notification will be sent to the respective manager who is allowed to give users access to create, edit and delete goals.

Note: Before you enable email notification for events in goals, make sure to enable the following toggle via Settings → Performance → Goals. Also, only super users have access to Settings.


Step 1

Navigate to Settings → General→ Action center.

Step 2

In the Action Center page, scroll down to the Goals section, enable the Goals email notification toggle and select the event for which you want to customize and update the email notification process.

Enable Goals email notification toggle

The List of events will be as follows.

Step 3

In the customize page, enable the Enable Email Notification toggle, and customize the message and subject and click Update.

Enable Goals email notification

Step 4

For instance, let’s say that Cindy James wants to delete her goal, the approval for it will be sent to Tracy Douglous. The notification will be sent to Tracy through the Action Center.

Action Center

Step 5

Also, Tracy will receive email notifications in her registered email id that is linked with the account.

Email Notification

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