How do I enable and disable action center and email notifications?

Category: General provides an option for users to enable/disable the action center and email notifications.

Why this feature?

  • By using this feature users can easily enable/disable the action center and email notifications.
  • It allows customization of the notification experience, tailoring it to personal preferences and work style. 
  • It provides greater control over the flow of information, leading to a more organized and streamlined workflow.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → General → Action Center from the left navigation panel.

On the Action Center page, 

If you Enable the toggle Email summary of open action center items of every employee, the users will receive an email regarding the actions and notifications that need to be attended via the action center along with the daily summary of their activities.

Note: You can choose the days that you want to deliver notifications.

If you Enable the toggle Allow end users to unsubscribe/opt out of daily action center summary notifications, the users can restrict the notifications and disassociate themselves from the daily summary report notification email.

Step 2

Under the Action Center section, you can customize Email Notifications.

To customize your email, click on the  icon. 

On the Edit Menu Group, Enable Email Notifications toggle, you can customize your message, and click Update.

Note: The app-level notifications now provide targeted alerts specific to each module: for example, when you are in OKRs, you will only see OKR notifications, and when you switch to tasks, you will only see task notifications.

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