How do I create a parent department for an existing department?

Category: General provides an option to set a parent department for an existing department.

Why this feature?

Organizational hierarchies typically have several levels and members with higher levels of authority. Establishing a departmental hierarchy will make it clear where authority and leadership are needed. It also ensures that everyone in a hierarchy will work to meet the organization's goals.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings→ User Management → Departments and Click on the Edit option for the department. 

Select the Parent Department attribute and choose the department which you want to make as a parent department and click Update.

The edited department will come under the parent department as a sub-department as shown in the below image.

How to create a new sub-department?

We can also create a new sub-department inside the Parent Department. Hover the cursor over the Parent Department and click on the + icon.

Create the new sub-department and click "Save."

The newly created sub-department will appear below the Parent Department as shown in the below image.

Note: The head of the parent department will also be able to view and modify the OKRs in the sub-department. 

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