How to add your team to the

Category: General provides an option to create new teams in your organization.

Why this Feature?

  • By creating teams you can manage more employees and can maintain any number of teams under departments.
  • You can assign OKRs, Tasks, and Initiate Reviews for the employees grouped in a team.

Note: Only Super Users have the access to creating new teams.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → User Management → Teams from the left navigation menu.

In the Team’s page, scroll down and click on the Create button to create your new team.

Step 2

In the Create Team side panel, Fill out the Team Name, Email and choose a color.

For instance, Let’s create a Content creation Team.

Step 3

To add Team Members click on the + Add icon and select employees from the employee's list menu.

For instance, Let’s select employees Alex Cross and Annie Freeman as team members.

Step 4

To add Team Leads click on the + Add icon and select employees from the employee’s list menu and assign them as team leads. Once done, click on the Create button.

For instance, let's add Harris Edward as the Team Lead.

The newly created team will be added to the Team List.

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