How to set up a new department and department head?

Category: General helps you establish departments that are commonly present in most organizations. You can edit the predefined departments as per your need or create new departments in order to set up one.

Why this feature?

Establishing a department is the most important part of distributing goals at all OKR levels. In order to work towards the goal as an organization, it is important to create and add Individual, team, department, and organizational OKRs. For creating department OKRs you can either use the predefined departments or create a new one.

FYI: Only super users have access to create/ edit departments. Also, you need to have employees created ahead of time before you assign the department head and the department members.

To know how to add employees/users/members in, please follow the below-mentioned instruction.

Step 1

Login as Superuser and from the left navigation panel, Select Settings→ User Management → Departments.


You will be directed to the Department's settings page.

Step 2

In this page, you will find the list of created departments and the information of each department head.

  • Enable or disable the departments using the toggle . Toggle
  • Edit your department details by clicking on the action icon . Edit
  • Using the filter option you can filter and view the enabled and disabled departments. Filter

To create a new department, click on the Create button.


FYI: If you have disabled any department, you won’t be able to create OKRs for the disabled department.

Step 3

You will be directed to the Create Department form.

Create Department form

For instance, say, you want to create a new department - “Administration”.

  • Enter the Department Name, Administration in the field
  • Enter the Department Head, say Roger Smith
    • Type or Select the Department Head from the list by clicking on the Lens icon.
  • Now, add Employees Authorized to Create OKRs (Abhi Jacob, Adam Holmes, Alice Mills and Allyson Tompkins) by clicking on the Search icon and selecting from the list. You can add more than one employee to this field, which enables all of them to create OKRs for this department.
  • HR Business Partner will be Benny Powell.
  • Performance Competencies(Optional) for this Department are set as Team Player, Meets Deadlines, Organizational Skills, Leadership Ability and Attendance.

We can include a logo for Departments, also you can upload images for setting a new logo.

upload logo

Enable the toggle for Performance Bucket to add the Goal, OKRs and Competency weights.


Click on the Save button to create the new department. The department “Administration” will be displayed on the Departments page.


Step 4

In, you can create sub-departments for your departments. The menu appears when you mouse hover over a department for which you want to create sub-departments.

create sub-departments

Click on Add a sub-department for Administration. You will be directed to the Create Sub Department page.

Create Department

  • Enter the Sub-department name, say for example Front Office and the Department Head is Justin Weaver.
  • Emma Gilbert and David Donnely are the Employees Authorized to Create OKRs for this Sub-department.
  • Similarly you can add Performance Competencies and scoring buckets in this sub department.
  • Like Departments you can also set logo images for sub departments.

Your sub-department is now created and it will be shown as a child node under the parent department - Administration.


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