How to set up a new department and department head?

Category: General allows you to create departments that are present in your organization.. 

Why this feature?

  • By using this feature you can create departments and can also edit the predefined departments as per your need.
  • Establishing a department is the most important part of distributing goals at all OKR levels. In order to work towards the goal as an organization.

Note: Only super users have access to create/ edit departments. Also, you need to have employees created ahead of time before you assign the department head and the department members.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings→ User Management from the left navigation panel. Under Departments menu .Click on the Create button to create a new department.

Step 2

In the Create Department page, enter all the required details like Department name, Department Head, OKR champions, HR Business Partner, etc., 

You can also add the required Lagging Indicator for your Department by clicking on the + icon.

In the Add Lagging Indicator KPIs page, choose the required one and click Add.

Note: You can also choose the KPI as Lagging Indicator while creating the Key Result. Choose the required KPI and click the lagging KPI checkbox.

You can also add Performance competencies for the department and the people who are in the department and who have those Performance competencies.

You can also customize the Department logo & upload images for a logo.

Once done, click Create.

How to add KPIs at the department level?

To add the KPIs, click on the +Add button. Choose the required KPIs and click Add.


Note: The added KPIs for a particular department will be visible while adding KPIs to your key results.

Step 3

You can also create sub-departments for your departments. The menu appears when you mouse hover over a department.

Click on Add a Sub-department. You will be directed to the Create Department page, and enter all the required details.

Once done, click Create to create a new sub-department.

Note: Your manager has the authority to review and perform check-in for the Key Result that has been assigned to you by another department.

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