What is IP restrictions or IP whitelisting in Profit.co?

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Profit.co IP whitelisting restricts access of users based on IP address.

Why this feature?

  • IP whitelisting allows you to create lists of trusted IP addresses or IP ranges from which the users can access their domains. 
  • IP whitelist is a security feature often used for limiting and controlling access only to trusted users.

Note: This functionality is applicable only to the firm that has the Enterprise Plan or can upgrade to the Enterprise Plan to use this security feature. By default, any IP address not included in this list will be denied access

Step 1

Go to Settings → Security → User Access from the left navigation panel. 

On the User Access page enable access restriction based on IP. This toggle will be disabled by default. 

Step 2

Enabling the toggle will open a pop-up with the current IP prepopulated. The user has to save the current IP address with the name to enable the toggle.

Step 3

Once the current IP address is saved it can’t be deleted ( no edit/delete option will be displayed) the user can only add more IP addresses.

Clicking on the + icon will open a pop-up, here you will have two options to select.

When users log in from not-whitelisted IPs, the below access denied page will be displayed.

Note: If you need any assistance in creating IP whitelisting, please contact support@profit.co.

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