How do you schedule Team, Weekly, and Quarterly meetings in

Category: General provides an option for users to schedule Meetings within the company. 

Why this feature? has a Meeting feature exclusively for users to schedule Team, weekly and quarterly meetings.

You can schedule four types of meetings in

  • 1:1 meetings
  • Team meetings
  • Weekly progress meetings
  • Quarterly progress meetings

Note: Super Users can customize the home module and add the meetings menu to the left navigation panel.

Step 1

Navigate to Home → Meetings from the left navigation panel.    

Step 2

On the Meetings page, click on the + icon to schedule a New meeting.

You can schedule 1:1, Team, Weekly Progress, or Quarterly Progress Meetings depending on your organizational needs.

Step 3

For instance, Let’s schedule a Quarterly Progress Meeting.

Step 4

In the New Meeting panel, you can Add participants by selecting the Teams, Departments, or with the people who are authorized to create Corporate OKRs.

Step 5

You can also add users additionally to the meetings by clicking on the + Add attendees box and selecting the users from the drop-down menu.

Note: The title will be automatically filled up after selecting the respective department, team or a single user.

Step 6

Click on Schedule to Schedule the meeting with the selected department or users.

Using the Check Availability icon you can view the calendar of the teammates or users and can schedule a meeting based on their availability. Also, you can attach documents for the meeting. 

Step 7

Once the meeting is scheduled, the user will get the meeting request through the Action Center. 

Note: You will also have the option to edit the scheduled meeting.

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