How to add tasks to a meeting?

Category: General provides an option to add tasks to a meeting. 

Why this feature?

  • This feature provides an option for employees to add tasks to a meeting for themselves or for other employees. 
  • Assigning tasks during a meeting ensures that the decisions made and ideas discussed are quickly put into action, making the meeting more efficient.

Step 1 

Navigate to Meetings from the left navigation panel.

You will find the scheduled meetings on your calendar. Click on the meeting you want to attend and the meeting topics will be displayed on the right side.

To add a Task hover over the topics and click on the + sign.


Step 2

When you create a task in a meeting, a new workspace and board are created in the meeting's name.

For instance, if the meeting name is Team Meeting with Sales, the Workspace will be created as Team Meeting with Sales and the board will be as Team Meeting with Sales - Default Board.

Note: By default, the toggle for Create Default Task Board will be disabled, you can enable it while scheduling a meeting if needed.

You can also view the tasks added in a meeting in the Task Board by navigating to the Tasks from the left navigation panel.

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