How to Reschedule a Meeting?

Category: General allows you to Reschedule your Meetings via the Meeting option in the Home menu.

Why this feature?

This feature helps you to reschedule your meetings if you want to postpone them for any reason. You can change the Date, Time, Frequency, Attendees, and Talking points of your meetings based on your requirements.

Step 1:

Navigate to Home → Meetings from the left navigation panel.

Step 2

In the Meetings page, you can reschedule the meeting by clicking the Edit option under the Ellipses icon.

Step 3

In the Edit Meeting page, Click the Date menu to change the meeting date.

Click the Time menu to change the From and To timings in the same or future date.

You can also add or remove Attendees by clicking on the + Add attendees option.

Step 4

You can also change the meeting Frequency according to your schedule. Once you complete all the changes, click on Update to reschedule the meeting.

Step 5

Additionally, you can also add new talking points in the talking points section before rescheduling the meeting.

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