How to schedule a Meeting?

Category: General has a interesting feature available for growth and enterprise plans to schedule Meetings within the company. Meetings can be conducted for individuals, teams, and departments of the organization.

Why this feature?

Meetings help managers and team members to plan their agenda, review work and results to establish cadence. They can also detect potential roadblocks that can impede progress and course correct. 

Note: Only Super Users can enable the meetings.

Step 1

Navigate to Preferences → CFR → Meetings from the left navigation panel.

Enable the toggle for communication platforms and add the meeting links which you are going to add while initiating a new meeting. Finally, click Save.

Navigate to CFR → Conversations → Meetings.

Step 2

On the Meetings creation page, click on the + icon or select the button Schedule Meeting to schedule a New meeting. 

You can schedule 1:1, Team, Weekly Progress, or Quarterly Progress Meetings depending on your needs.

For instance, let’s select Weekly Progress Meeting from the drop-down menu and select the department.

In the New Meeting page, you can select the 

  • Department [employees under the department will be automatically added as attendees]
  • Time and Date of the meeting [schedule with Dynamic Time Range]
  • Check Availability with Other Users
  • Set Recurring Meetings
  • Adding description for this Meeting
  • Add Conferencing [Add the Meeting Link]
  • Adding Attachments


By clicking on the “More Options” menu, you can select the OKRs to present and add other guests to the meeting. Finally, click on Schedule. 

Once the meeting is scheduled, the user will get the meeting request through the Action Center.

Step 3

If you click on the Meeting title you will be redirected to the menu where you can view the Selected OKRs, other OKRs and Meeting Topics.

Note: You can view the OKRs that you want to present in snapshot format.

In the topics section you can add some more options to discuss such as,

  • New Meeting Topic
  • Tasks which is present in the Workspace or Board.
  • Ideas
  • Decisions
  • Topics
  • Separator [To divide the Meeting Topics]
  • Adding documents


Note: Users can join the meeting link from the meeting menu.

Finally, click on Send Summary. The guest members added to the meeting will get the summary mail.

Step 4

You can also edit the scheduled meeting by adding attendees and changing the schedule, and you can update it.

To update the meeting, click on the  edit icon.

Make the changes in the Meeting and click Update.

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