How to change the account password through the Mobile Application?

Category: General

If you are looking to change your existing Profit. co account's current password, you can change it using the mobile application.

What is the use of this feature?

IT experts are saying that changing passwords every three months in our official accounts will safeguard us from cyber attacks and hacking threats. allows you to change the passwords of your account through the mobile application at any time as per the privacy and security policies.

Step 1

Login to the account using your credentials or SSO.

Step 2

Switch to your Settings menu and select the option Change Password.

Enter your current password. 

Set your new password and re-enter it again.

Finally, click Update.

Step 3

After updating your password you will be getting the message Password Changed.

Note: After changing the password your account will be still logged in. When you try to log in next time you need to enter the new password to log in.

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