How to change Workspace/Board of a task under Meetings?

Category: General provides an option to change the created task to a different workspace/board under Meetings.

Why this Feature?

Previously, when a user wanted to change the associated workspace/board, they did not have any option. By using this feature we can change the workspace/board associated by clicking on the selected workspace/board name above the Task name.

Step 1

Let’s schedule a new Team meeting.

new Team meeting

After scheduling the meeting with the Sales team, create a new task under it.

create a new task

Step 2

Select the text above the created task Select Space > Board.


You will be able to see workspaces and boards.

For instance, let’s move the created task to anyone on the board under the Workspace named Sales Space.

Sales Space

After moving you'll be getting the information to which Workspace/Board that the task has been moved.

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