How to integrate with Tableau via Access token?

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manage_tabule_connectionYou can integrate your account with Tableau and create key results via the below Steps. You can also integrate your account with tableau via the username and password of your account.

Note: Only the superusers can integrate account with Tableau and create key results.

Step 1

Login to your Tableau Online account using your Email and id password.


Step 2

You will be directed to the home page, now copy the URL of the home page.


Step 3

Now click on the Profile icon→ My Account Settings.


Step 4

In the Personal Access Tokens section, provide a token name and click on the “Create new token” button and copy the token to the clipboard by clicking on Copy to Clipboard.


Step 5

Now navigate to Settings → Integrations→ Connectors from the left navigation panel.


Step 6

In the Integrations page, click on the Manage button of the Tableau connector.


Step 7

Now click on the Connect to Tableau button.


Step 8

In the connect to Tableau page, provide information for Connection Name, under Tableau site URL copy and paste the home page URL of your tableau account.

Now select Connection type → Personal Access Token.

Give Token Name & paste the Access Token from the clipboard.


Step 9

Now the account is successfully integrated with the Tableau account.


Step 10

Now click on Create Key result → Using  step-by-step guide.


Step 11

Note : while creating key results using an integrated connector, you can use only Increase, Decrease and Control KPI.

Now create the key result in the usual way, here Increase KPI is selected.

In the third step, enable the Auto Update toggle, choose connections and Tableau and give a value.


Step 12

Once you click on the Tableau integration, you will be directed to the Connect to Tableau page, where the Connection Name will be automatically populated, under Workbook select Superstore, and then provide information for other sections based on your need.

Once you choose your Aggregate type, the current value of your KPI will be automatically updated. Now click Add.


Step 13

Now the value of your increase KPI will be updated here. As the value of the Increase KPI is 4253, give the to value as 10000, click on the Next button.


Step 14

Now the key result will be created.


Step 15

Now click on the check-in toggle, the value will be mentioned, click on the check-in button. Once you check-in click Update.


Step 16

The key result will be updated. If you want you can change the status of the key result it can also be done.


Learn more about it through this video tutorial.

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