How to provide Add-on Role for the users to view certain modules?

Category: General provides an option to create Add-on Roles for the users to provide access or privileges for the users to view certain modules.

Why this feature?

  • Add-on Roles enable organizations to finely tailor user access, ensuring that individuals only have access to the specific modules they need, enhancing security and efficiency.
  • By assigning Add-on roles the Super Users can provide privilege for other users to view certain modules if they don’t have access.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → User Management from the left navigation panel and switch to the Roles tab.

Click on the + Create User Role button to create a new Add-on Role.

Step 2

Set a new name for the role. 

For instance, if you want to provide privilege for users to view the OKR Program Status. In the Privileges section select the OKR Program Status. Finally, Create it.

Note: A privilege grants access for a user to perform a specific action within the Module.

Step 3

In User Management, we can assign the created Add-on Roles for a newly created user or an existing user.

Navigate to Settings → User Management → Active Users from the left navigation panel. 

For instance, let’s add the newly created Add-on Role for an existing user in the organization.

Click on the Edit icon, under Profit Access Information, and choose the newly added role.

The user who has been given privilege will have access to view the OKR Program Status.

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