How to restrict users from logging in through username/ password?

Category: General

You can now safely login to your account through SSO (single sign-on session) which restricts users from multiple logins. Disabling the toggle “ Username/Password Authentication” will restrict users from accessing using their credentials in the case that you have enabled Single-sign-on using Google, Office 360, and Slack for your account. This can also be applied to SAML integrations like OKTA, Onelogin, and Ping Identity.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings→ Security→ User Access from the left navigation panel.

Note: Only super users can access Settings.

Step 2

In the User Access page, disable the Username/Password Authentication toggle.

Step 3

Now when you try to login through your username and password credentials you will get an alert message saying that you will not be able to login, instead you will be asked to login via SSO.

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