How to schedule up 1:1 meeting?

Category: General provides an option to schedule 1:1 Meetings between coworkers.

Why this feature?

  • 1:1 Meeting enables you to collaborate with an individual and facilitate discussions with them regarding their performance, progress, and accomplishments.
  • 1:1 meetings enhance collaboration, discuss performance, track progress, and recognize accomplishments, fostering growth, engagement, and mutual understanding.

Step 1

Navigate to Meetings from the left navigation panel. On the Meetings page, click on the + Schedule Meeting button to schedule a new meeting.

Step 2

On the New Meeting page, you can add the, 

  • 1.1 meeting from the drop-down menu
  • Employee
  • Time and Date of the meeting [schedule with Dynamic Time Range]
  • Check Availability 
  • Adding description for this Meeting
  • Add Conferencing [Add the Meeting Link]

Finally, click on Schedule.

The scheduled meeting will appear on the meetings page.

Step 3

Click on the Ellipsis icon and Click the Edit icon to edit and Update the created meeting.

The user will be getting the meeting notification under the Action Center.

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