How to set additional custom attributes in the Strategy Module?

Category: General supports an option to set additional custom attributes in the Strategy modules for all the categories like,

  • Directives
  • Focus Areas
  • Initiatives
  • Measurements
  • Priorities

Why this Feature?

The Strategy module in is customizable to suit the organizational needs. Users can choose from a list of attributes to strengthen their strategy execution.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Strategy → the category you want to customize from the left navigation panel. For instance, let’s set custom attributes for Initiatives.

In this case, choose the Master layout in the Initiatives category.

Step 2

You will have many options to add as an attribute in the right panel.

Step 3

Let’s add a new text area field in the layout.

In the Inspector tab, you can modify the name and the visibility options.

Step 4

Now in the Create Initiative window, you can view the newly added attribute while creating a new Initiative.

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